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Allied Health Science is a new established concept in health care and constitutes a separate stream of health professionals contributing to the healthcare. Allied health professionals are an integral part of the medical team along with physicians and nurses contributing their expertise to the preventive, curative and rehabilitative care of the patients. They are a distinct group of health professionals who apply their expertise to assist diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people of all ages and all specialities. Together with a range of technical and support staff they may deliver assisted patient care, rehabilitation, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive and social functions. This inclusive grouping, which can account for up to 60% of all health professionals in some countries, provides professional leadership, governance, supervision and professional development that will assure appropriate credentialing and quality of patient care. Allied Health makes a significant contribution to health system strengthening, including primary care, and the communities with whom they work.


Workforce and health care experts anticipate that health services will increasingly be delivered via ambulatory and nursing care settings rather than in hospitals.


Founder's Message

Welcome to the MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences, wherein we have planned for the training of a brand new team of graduates with degrees in various Para professional courses. The rapid advances in diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation have resulted in the need to train highly skilled technologists to help the Doctors. The courses offered here would not only fulfill these needs, but also open up new vistas of employment to all graduates throughout the nation.


I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend at the MIOT Academy.


With best wishes,


Padmashri Prof. Dr. P. V. A. Mohandas
Founder & Mentor
MIOT Hospitals


Mrs. Mallika Mohandas
MIOT Hospitals




With the onset of an incessant knowledge explosion in general, and in scientific medicine in particular, Prof. Dr. P.V.A. Mohandas, the visionary-founder of MIOT International, realized the great urgent need for reliable medical doctors who can be assisted by other healthcare professionals in the use of the various highly sophisticated instrumentation available for an early, prompt and specific diagnosis of disease, to design the different forms of therapy necessary and then to offer a convincing prognosis.

This certainly requires a new breed of para professionals who could receive specific training in the use of these instruments to help assist doctors in various ways - for example an anaesthetist who often has to stick around for hours together, while major surgeries are being performed, could well be assisted by a degree holder with training in anaesthesia alone. When the patient is under anaesthesia the Anaesthetist is called upon to monitor various parameters like – the heart, pulse, blood pressure, central venous pressure, arterial pressure, oxygen saturation, electrolytes, the amount of blood loss during surgery etc., To help him to monitor the various para meters a trained hand in the theatre who is well trained to monitor the various para meters will help to contribute to the safety of the patient under anaesthesia.


Similarly, a cardio thoracic surgeon while concentrating on a coronary artery bypass surgery, need not spend time, isolating veins, for anastomosis: a skilled para professional such as a physician assistant could very well carry out this procedure – the latter could also assist doctors in many ways such as obtaining the history of illness etc., reducing the work load of the Doctor who could concentrate exclusively on actual assessment of patients’ needs and commence proper therapy without further delay.


To cater to these recent and special needs, para professional courses have been specifically designed by experienced doctors to train youngsters, with a 12th standard qualification – especially youngsters with a clear bent of mind and attitude, to learn newer instrumentation skills to aid doctors and help the ailing sick. MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences caters to bridge this gap by conducting Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses in Allied Health Sciences.


MIOT Academy of Allied Health Sciences is managed by MIOT Hospitals Medical and Educational Trust.


Padmashri Prof. Dr. P. V. A. Mohandas, Founder & Mentor
Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman


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