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Beyond Academics


Students who are advised to attend the conference/seminar inside /outside MIOTs should always be punctual and conduct themselves in disciplined manner and shall be in clean uniform.


Remedial Programme

Tutorial Classes are held for one hour everyday after the last hour in all courses for all subjects for the benefit of slow learners / students with arrears in university exams based on the requirement / response.


Mentor System
For each class separate Mentor/s is nominated who will be the Mentor, Coach and Guide. Students can interact with them regarding their academic and personal problems. The Mentors will be responsible for improving the performance of the students and their conduct inside the campus.

Club Activities
All Students have to be a member of any one of the following clubs:


Cultural CLUB, SPORTS CLUB, LITERARY / JOURNAL CLUB, The clubs will conduct various events in order to enable the students to exhibit various talents in the young energetic and enthusiastic mind.


The students are grouped into various houses. Each house is lead by the Captain, and Vice Captain selected from the students. All competitions are held house wise.


Monthly Assembly

Monthly Assembly is conducted every month at in the Main Auditorium and all students are to be present for this assembly.


Placement & Career Guidance: MIOT Academy takes care of Training in Life Skills, Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, Interview Techniques and arranges for Placement through Campus Interviews and referrals to corporate bodies.


Medical Examination: All students will be made to undergo Medical Examination soon after admission to the first year.


Grievance Reddressal Mechanism: Students who have complaints / grievances may express the same by dropping written grievance in the “Grievance Box” kept for the purpose. The Box will be under the direct control of the Principal.


Ragging & Eve Teasing

Ragging / Eve Teasing is totally prohibited. Any student who is affected by Ragging / Eve Teasing shall report the matter to the Any Member of the concerned Committee / Principal. Any student indulging in such activity would be dealt in accordance with Anti Ragging Act / Prohibition of Eve Teasing Act which may result in expulsion from College and / or imprisonment. At the time of admission each student and the parent is required to fill in the Declaration Form meant for the purpose.


Parent - Teacher Meetings

Cooperation of Parents or Guardian’s with the College authorities is very essential for the development of students. Therefore, Meetings of Parent Teachers would be held once in a year . The date of meeting will be mentioned in the hand book. All Parents are requested to participate in such meetings. The purpose of the meetings would be to

  • Inform the developments in the College

  • Provide feedback on the performance of their ward/s

  • Get the views of the parents on the functioning / activities of the College

  • Seek the support / involvement of the parents in molding the personality of the wards.

Council for Students Development

Students’ representatives of all classes are members of this Council. The Council will have a committee consisting of one President, a Secretary and a Joint Secretary. The Students Council committee members are by nomination.


The Committee of Students Council will arrange for periodic meetings to discuss the grievances if any and bring the same to the notice of the authorities.




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