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Alumni Association


Alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers. They are often in the position to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives too. They are also the international ambassadors. They take their knowledge of the institution to their hometowns and countries and into their professional and social networks. Students who complete their courses will be the members of the this Alumni Association. All the final year students will be required to subscribe for the Alumni Association. The aim of the association is to instill a sense of belongingness. Programs / meetings under the auspices of the Association will offer a platform for the members to interact with each other. Alumni can bring the Suggestions to the attention of the College authorities. There will be a one time fee of Rs1000/= for Membership in the Alumni Association.


Alumni are requested to fill in and submit the following form as and when there is any change in their contact / job details to enable updating of data.

Alumni Registration / Renewal Form


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