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Orientation Course For The Freshers


Orientation Programme is organized for the first year students at the beginning of academic year.

  • Understand the expectations & Rules of the College.

  • Shed shyness

  • Converse in English without fear.

  • Enable mutual understanding with faculties & other students, friends.

  • Increase their I.Q.

  • Overcome inferiority complex.

  • Parents will be required to attend the General Meeting in which expectations of the College will be shared and views of the parents also solicited.

Hands on training/ Department Postings

  1. All students should be in full uniform whenever they enter the laboratory/ hospital departments.

  2. All students are instructed to sign in the registers kept at the depts. and be in their respective departments by scheduled time.

  3. During hands on training hours, the students are not allowed to move to other floors, unless instructed by their in-charges.

  4. During hands on training the students are not allowed to go home without prior permission from the College.

  5. All students should compulsorily record their hands on training observations only in their hands on training workbook.

Rules of Attendance

Working Hours for Classes

9:00am - 4:15pm

Class Days

Monday - Saturday (Except II & IV Saturdays)

Hands on Training

Monday - Saturday (Except Second Saturdays)


8:00am - 4:00pm


No student shall abstain from Classes or from hands on training without prior approval except on Medical Grounds.

  1. The students should attend all the classes every day.

  2. Students who have secured less than 90% attendance have to repeat the course without proceeding to next academic year. They have to rejoin the course with the permission of the University and earn the required attendance.

  3. Absence to classes without prior approval would be viewed seriously.

  4. Leave on medical grounds shall be accompanied by a Certificate from MIOT / Govt Medical Officers and should be submitted to the Mentor - in - charge on the next day or on the date of joining after leave

  5. Attending all the internal exams is compulsory.

  6. The subject faculty will mark the students’ attendance, every hour in the ‘Course Attendance Register’. Students coming late to class will lose the attendance for the hour.

  7. A separate attendance register will be maintained by the concerned hands on training department in-charge who will interact with Principal / Course in-charge in case of any unauthorized / frequent absentees.

  8. Since this is a professional training 90% attendance is compulsory in Theory classes 100% attendance in Practical / Hands on Training. Those who fail to get requisite attendance in both hands on training and theory separately will not be eligible to write University Exams.

  9. Mere Payment of University examination fee by the Student does not make him / her eligible for appearing for University

Holidays & Vacation: All holidays as observed by the Tamilnadu MGR Medical University will be holidays for the college. There will be vacation of maximum 15 days each during Christmas and Summer as mentioned in the Academic Calendar.



Prior Sanction of Leave: In extreme cases, where any student is necessitated to stay away from classes prior approval of Principal is essential except in case of Medical Grounds. If the absence is due to medical reasons, letter for approval need to be submitted on the date of returning along with Medical Certificate Issued by the Medical Officer of MIOT / Govt Medical Officer under whom the student had undergone the treatment.


Mobile Phones: Possessing Mobile phones is strictly prohibited on the campus at any time. Any violation will result in confiscation of the same and will not be returned.


Centralized internal examinations as mentioned in the Academic Calendar will be conducted. All the students are required to take the examinations without fail. Internal marks for the purpose of University will be based on performance in these examinations. If any student is absent for any one of the examination re-examination will not be conducted. The marks secured in other components only will be evaluated and average of all the examination marks taken as an internal assessment forwarded to the university.


University Examinations


Malpractice in Examination

Malpractice of any kind is totally prohibited in the examinations. If any student is found to be doing malpractice he /she will be severely punished and will not be allowed to write examination for the following academic year. Results will be withheld by the university and may lead to suspension / expulsion.


Minimum for Passing

Theory marks in the University written examination


Practical marks in the University practical examination


50% marks in the aggregate of written, oral, practical
and Internal assessment


50% minimum marks in all internal papers








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